“Who else wants to lose pounds and inches

off your hips, butt and thighs-Even if you’re super busy-

and without fad diets?”

Raise Your Hand if You’re

SICK And TIRED Of Struggling With…


Your embarrasing stomach bulge


Steadily gaining 1-1 ½ lbs a month


Gyms that make you feel uncomfortable


Unrealistic  fad diets that don’t work


Having your “skinny” jeans in the closet collecting dust

Dear Friend,

My name is Elwyn Scott and I want to be radically honest with you. Some time ago I had put on quite a bit of weight, In fact I can remember when I really let myself go!

Just back from holiday in Greece, I hooked up my video camera to the T.V. and pressed play. Then it happened. I got an eyeful of my body in swimming trunks, and was shocked! I could not believe that I had slowly gotten so out of control.

Over the next several weeks I spiralled down, with the image of me in my swimming trunks going around in my head.

After a while I had decided to just give up and accept that this is the body I am stuck with for the rest of my life!

But ironically as a result, I decided to become a personal trainer to help others who shared the same problem as me, and in doing so stumbled upon an incredible fitness formula. It worked a miracle for me and later many others.

Client transformation

See the Results


Finally, Thanks To My Unstoppable Fitness Formula… You No Longer Have To Deal With ANY Of That Ever Again!

  • No More Fad Diets,  with my customised nutrition plan specific to you, your diet and your preferences… You’ll Melt away the rest with high calorie burning workouts.


  • My unstoppable fitness formula will help neutralise your stress, causing your fat producing hormones reduce. And help you stop storing fat, especially in your stomach, hips and Thighs.


  • My Fitness Formula fuses cardio, Weights and abs into each workout… You’ll  save time by burning fat, toning muscle and getting a flatter stomach all at once. 

  • You get the fat burning benefits of cardio while having fun and NOT getting on boring machines (How cool is that?)


  • I am serious about pushing, and motivating you, so you’ll get that strong, toned body you’ve signed up for…

Stop and think about this for a minute…

Can you picture how strong and healthy you’re going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:
  • Impossible diets that leave you hungry
  • Long Boring Cardio
  • Needing to be pushed and motivated
  • Feeling bloated
  • Unable to fit in your clothes
  • feeling sluggish

Try my amazing Unstoppable Fitness Formula

And get started today!

P.S. Don’t let the next 12 months be the same as the last 12 months. Do something about it today!

P.P.S. My unstoppable fitness formula will help burn off your excess fat, get you more defined, flatter and harder defined abs. Your health and wellbeing will be greatly improved and you will feel super confident about your body and look great in the clothes that you wear (and the clothes that you currently can’t wear).

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results cannot be guaranteed.


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A personalized nutrition plan and calorie breakdown based on body


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