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Who Else Wants To Drop Pounds and Inches off your Hips, Tummy And Thighs! Even If You’re Super Busy?

Raise Your Hand If You’re Sick Of and Fed Up With…

Dear Friend

My name is Elwyn Scott and I want to be radically honest with you.

Some time ago I had put on quite a bit of weight; In fact I can remember when I really let myself go. I Just back from holiday in Greece, I hooked up my video camera to the T.V. and pressed play.

Then it happened.

I got an eyeful of my body in swimming trunks and was shocked.

I couldn’t believe that I had slowly gotten so out of control and overweight. And If you are anything like me, Putting everything into your work and career and not putting your Physical Health and Mental first! Then I truly understand! 

Also I had previously come from a sporty background and having kept fit and healthy… being overweight, unfit and unhealthy really shook me! 

Over the next several weeks and months I spiralled down, with the image of me in my swimming trunks going around in my head.

After a while I had almost decided to just give up and accept that this is the body I am stuck with for the rest of my life.

Ironically I decided to become a Personal Trainer, I studied my Level 2 Fitness Instructor, my Level 3 Advanced Personal Trainer Diploma, and immediately applied what I learned to myself, having the correct training and nutrition knowledge to get results and I was ecstatic when I lost 28 lbs of Body Fat in 12 Weeks (and said goodbye to my belly, my love handles and man boobs) for good! 

Through training others I have been able to create an incredible but simple step by step fitness and weight loss formula.. .

I am excited that you have found me and even more so that you are ready to smash your own goals! 

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*results may vary from person to person

Having absolutely no motivation of my own I knew I’d need someone to help me out on my plan to lose weight and tone up. I didn’t have a lot of weight to lose but toning up was my real issue. Knowing I was training with Elwyn every week made me stick to our training plan as I felt I’d not only be letting myself down if I didn’t, but him also. His training has been fun, varied and at times hard but always enjoyable! *I lost 8% body fat and was looking the best I ever have for my 30th birthday in Ibiza. Since then I’ve continued to train to slim down for my wedding and am currently 8 months pregnant and still training, although obviously we have changed the intensity! Cannot wait to get back to ‘proper’ training after I’ve had the baby as I know how quickly I can get results with Elwyn’s help.”           Ceri Pearce

G HARPER Before*Results may vary from person to PersonG HARPER 10 Weeks guns

After 5 months trekking through the Himalaya’s across the Nepal, I lost a lot of weight and grew an impressive beard. On my return I decided I wanted to increase my upper body strength and size specifically, and thought it would best to seek help from a professional so that I put on weight in the right places. *I contacted Elwyn and started training almost immediately, my upper body has changed markedly and after only 10 weeks I am very happy with my results already. Although Elwyn can’t take the credit for my beard going, my physique has changed, my posture has improved and I have significantly enhanced my strength and stamina. I plan to go back into the mountains next year in even better shape. Thanks Elwyn” G. Harper

Becoming fit and losing weight is an ongoing journey for me, and a very emotional one as well – and Elwyn has been a lifeline for me this year after I gained lots of weight during my pregnancy. *I had already lost 20 pounds as a result of our training as well as Elwyn’s guidance in the food department – and we focused on the next 20, I have now lost another 17 pounds! Totalling 37 pounds which is a massive achievement for me :-). Elwyn is a lovely guy and an extremely knowledgeable trainer who stays up to date and passes on what he learns.  He is easygoing and friendly, but no nonsense at the same time.  Elwyn plans challenging workouts that leave you aching but determined and I’m grateful for what he’s encouraged me to achieve.  I have worked out with a number of trainers over the past 10 years, all with different approaches, and I would highly recommend Elwyn’s training style because it works, and it comes with a sincere interest in helping you achieve your goals.” S. Patel, Tonbridge

 I’ve been training with Elwyn for the past 12 months and he continues to surprise me with the variety of exercises he has in the locker. Just when you think you have mastered a particular range of motions you will be tested on something new and more challenging.  Elwyn has a fantastic ability to gauge your energy levels and will adapt a work out to ensure you push yourself hard, but not too hard.  Sessions are well thought out, specific, hard work and good fun. There’s no getting around the fact that getting in good shape takes dedication, consistency and motivation but if you choose anyone to help you along the way then Elwyn’s your man!” Gareth J. Kemsing

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I am serious about motivating and supporting you.,so you’ll get that strong , toned body that you’ve you have been trying to get for so long…

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Can you picture how strong and healthy you’re going to look and feel, now that you no longer have to struggle with:

Impossible diets

Long boring workouts

Boring Cardio

Getting Motivated 

Yes! I’m Ready to Lose Pounds and Inches , and Have a Fitter Healthier Body!

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*Disclaimer: Results may vary and are dependent on individual circumstances. Time taken to achieve results cannot be guaranteed.