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Elwyn is the perfect combination of motivator and drillmaster. He spends a great deal of time with you prior to beginning your course so that you set yourself realistically obtainable goals. He is very knowledgeable and his passion for his work makes him a really inspiring coach to work with. Myself and my husband set out to only have a 10 week course as we needed a pushing influence to get us the discipline to train. Elwyn has proved to be that and more meaning that Tuesdays have now become an institution in our house and we have signed up indefinitely. He’s tough but he knows what he is working towards and it’s worth all the agony. We would recommend him very highly and our friends are already using him.

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Elwyn’s personal training has allowed me not only to improve my fitness levels, but to add another dimension to my work-outs. Although I always come out of each session suitably exhausted, he ensures that everything we do is specifically suited to my personal fitness goals and abilities. Despite the challenging nature of the sessions, I always feel relaxed and come out afterwards having had a thoroughly good time, not just a good run or workout.



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Training my clients can sometimes be hindered by neck and back problems which although I can still train them, it does slow there progress down. Which is why I may refer clients (who I think will benefit) to the  Advanced Chiropractic Clinic, Three Bridges,West Sussex 01293 535381.

I have  previously had sports injuries and lower back pain, I have experienced first hand and have personally benefited from their chiropractic treatment.



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I cannot stress how important a good well balanced diet will be for you, your body and your mind.  You are what you eat could not be more true!

Part of my professional training covered the facts and fibs of dieting myths!  I can offer you a full nutritional programme – combine this with exercise and you’ll be at your physical and mental peak.

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Ready Meals.

Things you may not know about ready meals,
these may convenient but are high in trans-saturated fats-(these are the fats the body finds tough to break down), rather than eating fresh foods with good fats that actually help weight loss.

BASIC truth about eating…. is that if you eat a meal that contains more energy/calories than what energy your body needs at the time, it turns the remainder of what it hasn’t used into FAT.

WHY does it get converted into fat? The body stores it like an energy reserve. A survival mechanism.

And the ready meals…. for you ready meal fans, if you are wondering why you may be “storing more energy” then you used to before ready meals this may be a factor.

HELPFUL to avoid storing fat.

By eating 6 small meals evenly spaced through the day you can avoid having excess energy storage. (NO chocolate is not classed as a small meal)

Hope this had shed some light on subject.

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Media Myths.

Myth 1. Healthy way to lose weight. Eating a low carbohydrate,  high protein diet.

  • Truth – Low Carb, High Protein diets are not good for ones health, especially long term.
  • By eating low carbohydrates and high protein, you will loose weight in the form of muscle as well as fat.
  • You will also experience decreased metabolism from muscle loss
  • Most people put weight back on very fast once they’ve completed their diet.

Healthy eating Guidelines

  • 50-60% Carbs (1/2 Fruit and Veg & 1/2 wholemeal Bread, Pasta, Rice)
  • 30% Fats (Milk and dairy, nuts, oily fish)
  • 10-15% Proteins (meat, nuts, beans, fish, eggs etc.)
  • Drink 1.5-2ltr water (NO coffee and tea are NOT classed as water)

The Mediterranean style eating is one of the best examples of healthy eating with mixed salads and olive oil with feta(or cheese), grilled fish and herbs etc.

Hope this helps some of you who had question marks (?) about these sort of diets.