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In January 2012 I was getting ready for my RAF fitness test. I was sceptical about working with a Personal Trainer as I did not see how anybody would give me the results I needed in such a short space of time, but I only had 3 weeks to go and needed to try something. However, Elwyn was enthusiastic from the first meeting and was really keen for me to get the results I wanted – I knew straight away he would be able to help me. He boosted my confidence immediately and therefore increased my determination. The RAF fitness combined running 2.4km in 11 minutes, push ups and sits ups, all in a very strict set time. Elwyn not only brought me up to the level of fitness needed to pass, but allowed me to do it with ease from 2.4km in 12.50 minutes to 10.48 minutes and I tripled my pushups per 60 seconds! If you want to improve your fitness with a trainer who has an in depth knowledge, is patient and makes work outs an enjoyable part of your week, Elwyn is the man for the job.


Tunbridge Wells