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“I booked a series of 10 training sessions with Elwyn in preparation for a skiing holiday. During the one to one training sessions Elwyn was extremely good at adapting the exercises to suit how I was feeling on that day, and he sent very manageable and realistic exercise programmes by email. After 12 weeks I was stronger, fitter & my posture had really improved through all the core strengthening exercises I had done. Elwyn also took my measurements every month and so I could see the breakdown of the improvements I had made, *including having lost 6.5″ inches all together from my waist, hips, thighs and arms, as well as percentage of muscle gained, which was a great confidence booster!

I would recommend Elwyn to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer who is professional and knowledgeable and responds to their changing needs on a weekly basis.”

*results may vary from person to person 

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G HARPER BeforeG HARPER 10 Weeks guns*Results may vary from person to person

*“After 5 months trekking through the Himalaya’s across the Nepal, I lost a lot of weight and grew an impressive beard. On my return I decided I wanted to increase my upper body strength and size specifically, and thought it would best to seek help from a professional so that I put on weight in the right places. I contacted Elwyn and started training almost immediately, my upper body has changed markedly and after 10 weeks I am very happy with my results. Although Elwyn can’t take the credit for my beard going, my physique has changed, my posture has improved and I have significantly enhanced my strength and stamina. I plan to go back into the mountains next year in even better shape. Thanks Elwyn.”


Sonal, Tonbridge


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“Becoming fit and losing weight is an ongoing journey for me, and a very emotional one as well – and Elwyn has been a lifeline for me this year after I gained lots of weight during my pregnancy.  *I have already lost 20 pounds as a result of our training as well as Elwyn’s guidance in the food department – and we’re now focused on the next 20.  Elwyn is a lovely guy and an extremely knowledgeable trainer who stays up to date and passes on what he learns.  He is easygoing and friendly, but no nonsense at the same time.  Elwyn plans challenging workouts that leave you aching but determined and I’m grateful for what he’s encouraged me to achieve.  I have worked out with a number of trainers over the past 10 years, all with different approaches, and I would highly recommend Elwyn’s training style because it works, and it comes with a sincere interest in helping you achieve your goals.”


 *Results may vary from person to person

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“I wasn’t sure about employing a personal trainer at first, but Elwyn has certainly been very good!. You can draw on his knowledge and experience of fitness to get the results you want– with him watching your technique and posture and making sure you are getting it right and having the maximum effect. He can change an exercise slightly and suddenly you are exercising muscles you didn’t know existed, *and I have already lost over 10 lbs already!. It’s something you just won’t get from a gym, exercise video or Xbox game! . My 14 yr old son and 16 yr old daughter joined me after a while and Elwyn has focused on aspects of their fitness and posture to good effect. They certainly enjoy it (well perhaps not getting up at 6am, but afterwards!) and I think it is really beneficial for them.
All in all highly recommended!”


*results may vary from person to person

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“We have got so much more out of weekly sessions with Elwyn than we have done after countless years of unused gym memberships. He has taken the time to really understand our fitness requirements for our skydiving training programme and it is clear he puts a lot of thought into each session so that me and my husband, with different fitness levels, both get a lot out of each and every one. He has a really friendly approach, whilst still making sure he is pushing us, and I would almost say we look forward to each session.”

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“Elwyn has been brilliant for both of us (and our 8 year old son who he is teaching to box). His sessions are well structured, never monotonous and tailored to our specific needs/goals. His Chirpy attitude makes the whole thing really enjoyable so that we look forward to our sessions rather than dreading them. Mind you- beware of the manic giggle as it means there’s trouble ahead!”

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“In the words of our 7 year old son “Elwyn Rocks”! I hate exercise and lack all motivation but actively now look forward to our sessions. Elwyn pushes me to achieve things I didn’t think I could do and is so enthusiastic about what he does that you can’t help but enjoy it too, However I have come to dread the words “just a little jog!””

Kiki Andrews, February 2012

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“Since starting an office job I had started to become very inactive and the effects of sitting at a desk for 8 hours a day was starting to show . My Mum and I had decided to start exercising but didn’t know how or where to start so we asked Elwyn to train us as a pair. We are both at different levels of fitness and have different strengths and weaknesses. This may have posed a problem for a joint session; however Elwyn has spent time assessing these differences and ensures that we both get the most out of our workout. The sessions are always varied and target different areas. Before I started exercising with Elwyn I would dread exercise, now *I look forward to it and I am starting to see the results of my hard work having now lost almost 2″on my waist and 1″ on my hips.”

*Results may vary from person to person 

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In January 2012 I was getting ready for my RAF fitness test. I was sceptical about working with a Personal Trainer as I did not see how anybody would give me the results I needed in such a short space of time, but I only had 3 weeks to go and needed to try something. However, Elwyn was enthusiastic from the first meeting and was really keen for me to get the results I wanted – I knew straight away he would be able to help me. He boosted my confidence immediately and therefore increased my determination. The RAF fitness combined running 2.4km in 11 minutes, push ups and sits ups, all in a very strict set time. Elwyn not only brought me up to the level of fitness needed to pass, but allowed me to do it with ease from 2.4km in 12.50 minutes to 10.48 minutes and I tripled my pushups per 60 seconds! If you want to improve your fitness with a trainer who has an in depth knowledge, is patient and makes work outs an enjoyable part of your week, Elwyn is the man for the job.


Tunbridge Wells

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After years of laziness, my daughter decided that she and I needed more exercise, more need for me than her I feel. At 50 and piling on the pounds, I felt that perhaps she was right.  Having just completed our first 10 sessions, I feel better than I have in years.  Elwyn makes fitness fun, and always varied.  One session may be circuits and boxing or kettle bells and aerobic exercise liberally sprinkled with lots of laughter.  Fitness can be fun, Elwyn has tailored made the workouts to suit our personal goals and our personality, and rather than dreading exercise now, I actively look forward to it. Elwyn has been patient and knowledgeable and knows just how far to push us. We have just booked another 10 sessions, I think that says it all.