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“I booked a series of 10 training sessions with Elwyn in preparation for a skiing holiday. During the one to one training sessions Elwyn was extremely good at adapting the exercises to suit how I was feeling on that day, and he sent very manageable and realistic exercise programmes by email. After 12 weeks I was stronger, fitter & my posture had really improved through all the core strengthening exercises I had done. Elwyn also took my measurements every month and so I could see the breakdown of the improvements I had made, *including having lost 6.5″ inches all together from my waist, hips, thighs and arms, as well as percentage of muscle gained, which was a great confidence booster!

I would recommend Elwyn to anyone who is looking for a Personal Trainer who is professional and knowledgeable and responds to their changing needs on a weekly basis.”

*results may vary from person to person