Nutrition Info of The Week

Media Myths.

Myth 1. Healthy way to lose weight. Eating a low carbohydrate,  high protein diet.

  • Truth – Low Carb, High Protein diets are not good for ones health, especially long term.
  • By eating low carbohydrates and high protein, you will loose weight in the form of muscle as well as fat.
  • You will also experience decreased metabolism from muscle loss
  • Most people put weight back on very fast once they’ve completed their diet.

Healthy eating Guidelines

  • 50-60% Carbs (1/2 Fruit and Veg & 1/2 wholemeal Bread, Pasta, Rice)
  • 30% Fats (Milk and dairy, nuts, oily fish)
  • 10-15% Proteins (meat, nuts, beans, fish, eggs etc.)
  • Drink 1.5-2ltr water (NO coffee and tea are NOT classed as water)

The Mediterranean style eating is one of the best examples of healthy eating with mixed salads and olive oil with feta(or cheese), grilled fish and herbs etc.

Hope this helps some of you who had question marks (?) about these sort of diets.

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