Nutrition Tips and Truths

Ready Meals.

Things you may not know about ready meals,
these may convenient but are high in trans-saturated fats-(these are the fats the body finds tough to break down), rather than eating fresh foods with good fats that actually help weight loss.

BASIC truth about eating…. is that if you eat a meal that contains more energy/calories than what energy your body needs at the time, it turns the remainder of what it hasn’t used into FAT.

WHY does it get converted into fat? The body stores it like an energy reserve. A survival mechanism.

And the ready meals…. for you ready meal fans, if you are wondering why you may be “storing more energy” then you used to before ready meals this may be a factor.

HELPFUL to avoid storing fat.

By eating 6 small meals evenly spaced through the day you can avoid having excess energy storage. (NO chocolate is not classed as a small meal)

Hope this had shed some light on subject.

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