Protein supplements, What to avoid

After many years trying different protein supplements, and I have tried a number of them!, I have found one thing in common with the majority and nearly all Protein powders out there on the market. Its one thing which most of us wouldn’t even think twice about putting into our bodies; and although there is a lot of controversy on it and a lot of studies to show the adverse effects artificial sweeteners like Aspartame have on the body, most of us are still none the wiser.

Until last year I hadn’t really considered this could be a problem for all of us fitness fanatics, I knew Aspartame having some adverse effects but was totally fooled by the label    I had run out of my then regular protein that I had been using and recommending to my clients. The next day while walking past a Hollands and Barretts, I noticed they had a good deal on for there whey protein and decided to check it out. After a minute or two of reading its contents, came across what I had mistaken for a natural sugar (Sucralose) and noticing it that on the front it had in big bold letters, NO ASPARTAME (a toxin used as an artificial sweetener) I thought great!  no aspartame, I’ll try it out.

I got home after training my last client that night and remembered I had this new protein to try. I opened it and was immediately hit  an intensely sweet vanilla smell, It smelt beautiful and have to say it tasted really good too, Bonus!.

I went to sleep that night with a dull pain and odd feeling in my head, and thought nothing of it. In the morning it was just about gone and thought nothing more it, until later that day when I had another protein shake and shortly after, I started getting the same dull head pains and odd feeling in my head. I stopped taking the protein for a few days and the dull head pains stopped completely, and a few days later tried some again to see for sure if this is what was causing  it, sure enough the same pains returned. I checked the ingredients to see if it might something in my recent engineered whey protein purchase and saw I the word sucralose, not sucrose.

So what is Sucralose?… I still thought it was a natural sugar!, at least its name suggests it. I did my research and this is what it is.

Sucralose is sugar that has been chemically combined with Chlorine, and as a result makes it 600 times sweeter than ordinary sugar(this is perhaps the reason my Protein smelt so strong)

I may not know everything there is to know about nutrition and I am all for health supplements tasting good, but I know that Chlorine is not usually part of healthy my staple diet and neither am I accustomed to my food or protein supplements causing me odd dull pains in my head.

Avoiding Aspartame and Sucralose is not as easy as you might think, especially since the health and fitness industry use them in nearly all products these days as a low cost(to them) and low calorie chemical alternative to natural sugars, I suggest you do your own research on it an decide for yourself which protein is best for you.

Keeping healthy and sharing my knowledge of better ways stay healthy goes hand in hand with setting a good example in my profession, for my clients and the people around me and I hope this blog helps you too.









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