Why some foods make you fat!

We have all heard at one point in our lives “eat a good well balanced diet and you will stay healthy” or “You are what you eat”, perhaps those lines have been used so much that we sort of shrug our shoulders and say “yes, your right”.
But do most of us know what a well balanced diet is?
And what do people really mean when they say, you are what you eat?

Part of my profession is knowing the facts and fibs of dieting myths, educating people on “what is this balanced diet that everyone keeps talking about?”. In any goal of training whether it be for fat loss, muscle gain or tone, nutrition is 1 of 3 most important factors and can make losing fat or gaining muscle incredibly hard especially if you have been mislead or educated wrongly into eating the wrong things.

Here’s in example for you and saturated foods – If you accidentally put petrol into you cars engine and your car happens to run on Diesel.
Well, what happens?
Yep! it can’t burn the petrol fuel or maybe it might be able to burn a little, but that engine was never designed to be able to burn petrol fuel.

So what happens to the petrol? It stays in the cars engine.
And it’s the same with our bodies, some foods we are just not designed to be able to burn or burn well, and your left with a tank of fuel your body struggles to burn.

It really does come down to when and what you are eating and drinking for real long lasting results.

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